Application to Participate in the Endurance Beta ('β') Field Test for MAPSTSP Devices

We seek 12,000 environment friendly Field Testers of our MAPS Devices in an endurance, wide ranging, 1 year long Beta Field Test. The minimum requirement is to be in your residential home for at least the last 3 years, or in the one previously if you have recently moved homes.

If you would like to be selected to be one of the 12,000 Participants, please complete the below 'Applicant contact details', and 'Installation of your ß Field Test MAPSTSP', and you will receive an email in reply detailing the ('β') Field Test program and what is required.

Small & Medium sized Enterprises ('SME') businesses can apply as well

Applicant contact details:

Installation of your β Field Test MAPSTSP

Residence Owner / buyerResidence Occupier / Lease / renting
i.e. own your home (includes buyer with mortgage), or leasing / renting?

Private ResidenceSME / Business location

Built-inStand alone units


Installation Process

Electricians certified in your area will be appointed as the authorised MAPS Device installers complying with all electrical standards and authorities.


Training Technical advice

The installation process on site takes 1/2 a day, including technical training from our authorised electrician installers.

Post-installation & Field Test Process

Field test & monitorization

Your device will be connected to our server 24/7, our endurance ß Field Test Team will supervise the machine’s status in real-time and our device will be fully monitored to guarantee preventative maintenance and service.


Feedback and Assistance

On-line feedback, call centre assistance will be made available for Field Testers. Our team will be in touch for inquiries, assistance, feedback, information on field test status from time to time. You too will be able to contact them anytime, directly.


Maintenance & Updates

Our authorised electrician installer teams must be allowed, with prior appointment, to check the physical status of the MAPS device and install mechanical updates, if needed or desired.

Dangers, Warranties & End of Test Field

Dangers & Warranties

MAPSTSP Devices have no risk of fire, or hazard of materials. With no consumption of any fossil fuels, MAPSTSP Devices are safer than a dryer & washing machine.

Every MAPSTSP Device installed under the 1 one year Field Test will have a home/appliance insurance policy for the Participant’s household (or SME) covering the unit and any potential risks or damages caused by the MAPSTSP Device, as a cost to Screems.


Keep the MAPSTSP Device

At the end of the 1 Year Field Test, all Donors will be contacted for a 10 year rental contract at 8¢ per kWh consumed.

Participant has first right of refusal to reject the contract at the beginning of year 2.

If Participant doesn’t want the Field Test MAPSTSP Device any more, our team will book a visit to deinstall the Device, with no cost or charge to you.

Be selected for our Beta Field Test!

We need 12,000 Beta Field Testers for a 1 year free-test of our MAPS TSP Devices,
installed in each Tester’s home or SME, whereby, a year’s worth of electricity, equates to
$3,000.00 (the average US kWh charges), is provided in exchange for your
genuine participation in the Field Test program.

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