Main implementation plan

The way we will make the energy evolution happen

Screems Project implementation plan stand under the name PROPEG, meaning the Programmed Roll-out Of Private Electricity Generation and it is build as a Turnkey Project with dedicated Project Managers.

It is basically a set of programmes

Screems Energy A

part a

Sovereign Nation State's Programme

Turnkey Project Managers implement this programme by:

  • Going to each UNFCCC COP sovereign member country and offering them a plan containing the best way to implement MAPS.
  • The plan can include: A Bill to add a new way of generating energy, a license for the country.

part b

Major Appliance Manufacturers Industry's ("MAMI") Programme

In parallel with the penetration through/ in the Sovereign Nation State's Programme, the plan is to make this technology available for mass usage and production. In this sense, the licence will be available for all major appliance manufacturers, so that they could deliver the Screems Energy in every household.

MAPS Appliance will be the product-line that will open a totally new market level for the Whitegoods Manufacturers, by upgrading the energy consumption class, and leading the way to an entirely new product: the Energy Evolved.

Screems Energy

For more information on the project roll out and market potential you can check our deck here:

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Sustainable Chain Reaction Electrical Energy Management System