Sleek and CleanTSP

The Major Appliance Power Station

Getting off-grid and Online with the MAPSTSP Device.
off-grid power station

Technical Specifications

Fuelless – operates on harnessing potential energy:
read more on TSP
– 100% ZERO emissions free

Usable Device Capacities:
– Power range from 1kW to 21kW
– Energy generated 24kWh/day to 504kWh/day

5 Standard sizes in range:
– Bespoken engineered sizes available to order

Complies with all electrical international standards:
– 120V AC
– 220/240V AC
– from 400V DC up to 700V DC

– 10 years on all 8¢ per kWh contracted Devices

World’s lowest price retail consumer electricity:
– 8¢ per kWh – read more on pricing

Energy Efficiency
– 100% TSP renewable
– virtually unlimited, scalable

State-of-the-Art technology
– the TSP Generator is sized to handle the maximum kWh demand peak in any given day
– the Controller manages electricity flows
– Batcap © stores excess electricity, to provide it on demand
– Screems CHIPset © is the microcomputer that keeps everything in-line and on-line, especially the 3rd part IOT sensors buried in your home’s appliances

Your device. Your choice.
– Standard
– Special
– Luxury







Your Home. Your Power Station.

MAPSTSP stands for Responsibilty and Freedom.



Household & Electronics

Hybrid & Electric Cars

Unique selling points

what makes MAPSTSP really special
Reliable TSP Sustainability 24/7 100%
Disruptive Innovation, lowest retail price 100%
Completely off-grid 100%
Uniquely Fuelless, TSP Renewables 100%

One home. One Device.

The responsible use of energy.

Connected to your Power

with our phone app

The MAPSTSP is off-grid, but always at your fingertips

Care to check the state of your Personal Power Station while at the office? On your way home and want your living room warm and cozy? Need statitistics on your power usage? Everything is accesible, just a few swipes away.

Click on the app to power up your room

Need more power?

Need more energy?

MAPSTSP devices can run together,
to provide for all your needs.

When you have a large business, you can still keep it simple.

If one MAPS TSP is not enough, other devices can be added. All businesses can have multiple devices installed, kept together by one Powerful Master MAPS Controller Device.

Also, blocks of flats can benefit from this, being powered by a single MAPS network.






Power / day


you won’t even know it’s there

Color defines you.

While your device stays Powerful at all times.

Inside a MAPSTSP Device

a Disruptive Technology that has no combustion, and zero emissions
Screems CHIPset computer

Screems CHIPset Computer

Electrics & electronic controller

MAPS electrics & electronic controller
MAPS batcap


TSP Generator

TSP Generator
TSP Power Generator

How it works

TSP Generator unveiled

One of the 4 components of MAPS TSP Devices is the TSP Generator that generates the power, that produces the electricity product.
Mechanically, there are 2 moving parts inside plus the newly discovered composite materials that store the elastic potential energy. This is created by the reciprocating free piston in its process of driving the linear alternator within.

The linear alternator
is a unique device designed specifically for the free-piston technology. It is a key component that converts the linear motion of the engine’s piston to electricity, or vice versa.

The engine’s linear alternator operates, like all generators and motors, through the interaction between a coil of wire and a magnetic field. A changing magnetic field (caused by the motion of magnets attached to the piston) induces a voltage in the coil causing an electrical current to flow.

Inside the TSP Generator

mechanics and components

New TSP Head

Linear Alternator

Piston carriage drive

TSP Free Piston & Rod

Newly discovered composite materials

Applications to be selected for the Beta Field Test are now closed!

Thank-you and congratulations to the 66,000 Participants who have qualified for the 1 year free-test
of our MAPS TSP Device, given the nuances of covid and variants don’t radically change the supply
chains, we expect to start rolling out these test Devices in the last quarter of 2022.

For the Participants, you will be contacted directly by our Authorised Installation Agents (“AIA”)
starting in October 2022 who will complete a site inspection for the installation of your Beta Field
Test MAPS TSP Device and at that point all required information will be provided with dates set for
the actual installation.

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