Safe Harbour Convetions – All Donations Are Purely Philanthropic

This request for donations is made purely on the known and accepted practise of giving, that donations are given without return consideration. The lack of return consideration means that, in common law, an agreement to make a donation is an “Imperfect contract void for want of consideration.” only when the donation is actually made does it acquire legal status as a transfer or property.

Screems energy, inc., Nevada, has set up its climate change program to tackle and reduce the amount of fossil fuel consumption in the energy generation industry so that, as a target, it is possible to implement change that will have the combined effect of reducing greenhouse gases by 53%±, building up to this reduction by 2027.

The delivery of this climate change program target does require substantial networking and assistance of climate change agencies, such as the international energy agency (“IEA“), the un framework convention for climate change (“UNFCCC“), the UNFCCC’s convention of parties (“COP“) members, a host of others of the same ilk, plus cop member governments, sovereign nation parliaments, and more (all together the “INSIDE/OUTSIDERS“) all whom are outside of the screems climate change program region of influence, and as such it can be that the screems climate change program could fail through many unknown factors at this time.

The driving force for the screems climate change program is the intergovernmental panel on climate change (“IPCC“) of october 8, 2018 that in a snapshot stated the world was in dire danger of falling off the cliff with no return if climate change targets were not met within 12 years. See

Screems major appliance power station (“MAPS“) technology offers a realistic chance of delivering the change that the ipcc warns of; given maps is widely populated in the world in households and small to medium sized enterprises (“SME“). Screems energy, inc., nevada has estimated this can be achieved by 2027 with five (5) billion maps devices, given the insider/outsiders actually do their bit to implement the screems climate change program.

For the above reasons only donors are philanthropically donating to add their voice to this cause that screems energy, inc., is pursuing to achieve a stop to climate change and therein met the 2015 Paris agreement aims and objectives to make this meaningful difference. It is screems energy’s view that there is no other technology available in the world today that can do this by 2027. So we must “Give it a shot” and deliver.

Screems energy, inc., is not offering or giving any securities in exchange for donations – all donations are purely treated as in common law “Imperfect contract void for want of consideration.” screems energy, inc., relies on this assertion from all donors.