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The future of energy consumption is here, today


We remapped the way electrical power is produced and we came up with a new product, a new form of electricity, a disruptive utility for the whole Earth that is:


At 8¢ per kWh Screems electricity is lower priced than any provider can deliver on the market today. With screems energy you only pay 8¢ per kWh, fixed price, no tariff charges, set for 10 years.


It is a clean type of energy that isn't only inexpensive, but can provide for your full home's energy needs. No other extra energy needed.


100% ZERO emissions, not a particle of CO2 ever! No fuels are consumed whatsoever to generate screems energy. This one technology delivers the ratified Paris Climate Change objectives!


Off-grid forever. Being installed in-house, and providing energy for the entire household, you have no need to be connected to the national electricity grid.

How do you produce screems energy? With the help of MAPS (Major Appliance Power Station). The device that is the size of a dishwasher, but it is designed to generate the full supply your home or business venue requires.

A +∞ energy class

The MAPS Device generates all energy instead of consuming it. It provides all power for your entire household (or SME) needs, appliances, electronics, lighting, space conditioning, hot water, and electric cars.

NO fuel consumed. NO CO2 emissions

In order to produce screems energy, the MAPS device will consume no fuels and it will generate zero carbon dioxide emissions. screems energy has a major positive impact on the climate.

Screems Station

MAPS devices are appliance sized micro-power generators that are installed in your own home to produce all screems energy you need.


MAPS devices are autonomous. You don't need to be connected to the National Electricity & Gas grid. You will not have to worry about the power outages to come, and other security issues.


Get inside our devices & find out more about screems energy and its advantages

And all the above are not even the best parts.
Help pioneer the future of energy consumption!

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Improved devices, nationwide programs and implementation plans. All about our project and
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Revolutionary Fuelless Technology


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Implementation plan

How will we do it?

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We can reach Paris Climate Agreement Objective

Worldwide Clean Energy

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Before and after using screems energy


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1,000,000 NRGY Tokens available in this last ICO Phase

Set on 17th October 2017, when SMART Contract was deployed, ~ ETH equivalent @ 20€ NRGY Token.

Project roll-out and main milestones


The objective of Screems Project is to have a running mass production line functional and about 2 billion units installed by the end of 2020, split in big phases.

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Sustainable Chain Reaction Electrical Energy Management System