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The Screems Project

Our Pursuit is bold, but with your help we can achieve it

The Screems Project started in 2001 after conducting extensive energy research in Switzerland. It acquired the Intellectual Property & Capital (IP&C) of various Swiss entities that allowed the Screems Project to further develop, implement, and exploit the IP&C consumer products.

The IP&C technology is essentially incorporating cutting-edge rotary engines and turbines that make use of different types of clean sustainable thermodynamic cycles.

It also integrates several other technologies such as Photovoltaics (PV) battery packs, electronics, semiconductors, and controllers built and packaged into retail consumer devices.

Screems developed the technology called “The Screems Phenomena” (TSP). It is a new scientific discovery that forms a “New Renewable Energy Phenomena”. The Major Appliance Power Station (MAPS) uses this technology to generate electricity constantly without the consumption of any fuels.

This renewable solution is initiated and captured at the place of electricity generation, as it is a combination of magnetism and elasticity, both of which are know as “potential energy”. That is why it is a “Phenomena”, as magnetism is “a physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, which results in attractive and repulsive forces between objects”

The Screems Energy mission & objectives are:

– Genuine Global disruption to the energy markets, by the influence of MAPS TSP devices, as those are replacing gas & electricity from the National Grids

– Facilitating potential savings of $23-44 Trilion to World’s Countries. That is the amount that the International Energy Agency projected the Nations would spend to implement Climate Change Directive of Paris 2015 (ratified on November 4th 2016)

– Electricity costs drop at 1/4 – 1/3 of today’s kWh consumer retail charges

– Delivering the ZERO CO2 emissions by 2050 milestone 32 years earlier than projected – thanks to Screems Energy and TSP

– NO consumption of fossil fuels to generate electricity

Overview & Purpose

Our immediate purpose has a war footing against climate change happening because nobody has the answer, it is two-fold:

We seek generous contributions and donations in our pursuit to fight the good fight against Climate Change and to make a real difference by reducing global emissions by 53% by 2027; 3 years ahead of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”) Report, 8 October 2018, dire warning of just 12 years left, or we face the disastrous point of no return. This is our “Cause”.

To gain up to 12,000 Donors who would like to participate in a serious free Beta Field test / endurance trial for 1 year of our Major Appliance Power Stations (“MAPS”) TSP Devices, installed in each Donor’s home or SME, whereby one year of electricity is freely generated in-house, equating to $3,000.00 of typical US energy charges, in exchange for the Donors genuine participate in the Field Test program.

No matter what side of the climate change Divide you are on, we all want to breath fresh clean air and that is our deliverable goal that you can have a big part in achieving.

Our Road Map

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Research begins in Switzerland, with the quest of getting more energy out of less

Development ends in Switzerland, delivering proven MAPS CHP technology

Screems Holding BV is founded and incorporated in Assen, NL

Swiss IP&C is purchased and the road to ramp-up mass production begins

The Screems Group of Companies is founded, incorporated in Assen, NL

MAPS CHP successfully passes energy endurance test, being 100% maintenance free

Private placement NRGY Tokens launched and secured 180+ private lenders

Implementation and Business Plans completed, while Bain & Company comes as Turnkey Project Management

Financial Plan Established and Future financing is identified

The Screems Phenomena (TSP) is announced with the breakthrough of fuelless electricity generation

Light production plan is set to start in late 2021 through 2022.

The year to establish the light production facilities and select the location.

Collecting Participants for the Beta Field Test of 12,000 MAPS TSP Devices.

Identify the financial structure with a planned IPO on the Guernsey’s The International Stock Exchange.

Push the final design and build Bill of Materials (BOM) for the Beta Field Test MAPS TSP Devices.

Start negotations with Countries for relocation opportunities.

Select the best Country and Partners for the production facilities.

Contract selected Country and Partners.

Public Promotion of TSP Generator begins

Planned earliest date for listing on The International Stock Exchange, Guernsey.

Participation as an Exhibitor at UNFCCC COP

Planned Secondary Offering on The International Stock Exchange, Guernsey.

Implementing MAMI Licensee Programme, while Bain & Company is installing MAPS mass production.

Ramp-up Screems Energy BV production and New Factory and Plant

Implementing COP Member Mandates and decreeing MAPS in the country’s priority for Climate Change

Completion of Beta Field Test in endurance phase. Donor Testers convert to full-time Screems Energy

Commencement of mass manufacture of MAPS TSP Devices in multiple licensee Whitegoods Brands

Main board listing on NYSE, FTSE etc.,

Applications to be selected for the Beta Field Test are now closed!

Thank-you and congratulations to the 66,000 Participants who have qualified for the 1 year free-test
of our MAPS TSP Device, given the nuances of covid and variants don’t radically change the supply
chains, we expect to start rolling out these test Devices in the last quarter of 2022.

For the Participants, you will be contacted directly by our Authorised Installation Agents (“AIA”)
starting in October 2022 who will complete a site inspection for the installation of your Beta Field
Test MAPS TSP Device and at that point all required information will be provided with dates set for
the actual installation.

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