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developing New Renewable Energy Phenomena

The Screems Team

Below you can see some of the people that made this project come to life
Founder Screems Project

Geoffrey Leslie

Founder Screems Project
Project DIrector, the Screems Project, Buffalo, NY

David Miller

Project DIrector, the Screems Project, Buffalo, NY
Screems Director of Public Relationships

Eduardo Robinson

Director of Public Relationships

Erwin Ensing

Executive PA Screems Holding BV

Claudiu Ludoșan

Vice President Global Marketing

In memoriam

Supervisory Board Screems Holding BV

Hans Van Den Heuvel

Supervisory Board Screems Holding BV

Joe Scott

Scotland & Canada Representative

Screems Energy is expanding

New job opportunities in 2019

As the Screems project is now ramping up for full mass production by the end of 2019, together with our Turnkey Project Managers and a host of other professionals, this year we will employee approximately 1,000 new personnel in the EU and in North America. For example, below you can download the posts we wish to fill just in Assen, the Netherlands.


In the North America, Screems Energy, Inc., will be employing personnel starting in the 2nd half half of 2019, and probably between 262 – 289 folks.

In all continents and nations, the Screems Project will be establishing operational enterprises in every location as soon as those nations are committed to installing MAPS TSP Devices to better the climate change AIMs and eliminate wasteful old world Grid technologies.

Screems Energy companies are committed to retraining old industry hands, such as coal miner communities and high voltage networks, to be apart of the Screems energy future, and to ensure we don’t create new rust belt communities. There are millions of new jobs and SME opportunities with the TSP energy technologies, and will be a major net increased employer in the short future, compared to the old industries Screems Energy surely replaces.