Inside Screems

developing New Renewable Energy Phenomena

The Screems Vision

A world without Power Grids, without fossil fuels and CO2 emissions

The Screems Project came out from a question: “how to get more energy out of less” and it became a dream. We envisioned a clean world – with no fossil fuels burning and no CO2 emissions. Our dream came to life after we tested the first device – MAPS CHP – and results were astonishing: 100% percent clean energy and 100% no maintenance needed.

After starting research in Switzerland, we acquired the IP&C of many entities that pushed the Screems Project further on its path: The Screems Holding BV (Netherlands), Faaradai Labs BV (Netherlands), Screems Energy BV (Netherlands), Messchenveld 2 BV (Netherlands), Screems Finance AG (Switzerland), Screems MERX AG – to be incorporated soon – and Screems Energy Limited – for the company to be listed on The International Stock Exchange Board in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

We further envision a world without Power Grids – so, no shortages and no cables hanging over our heads – with everyone responsible for the production of energy, at home and within business – thus paying far less than to conventional Grids.

We believe that producing energy is a fundamental human right.

The Screems Team

Below you can see some of the people that made this project come to life
Founder Screems Project

Geoffrey Leslie

Founder Screems Project
Supervisory Board Screems Holding BV

Hans Van Den Heuvel

Supervisory Board Screems Holding BV
Project DIrector, the Screems Project, Buffalo, NY

David Miller

Project DIrector, the Screems Project, Buffalo, NY
Adviser for Screems Finance

Rolf Sattler

Adviser for Screems Finance AG, Zug Switzerland
Appointed Turnkey Project Manager for the Screems Project

Ralf Kalmbach

Partner, Bain & Company, D-Munich - Appointed Turnkey Project Manager for the Screems Project
Engineering Alliance Partners for the Screems Project

Bernard Biermann

Director, FEV GmbH, D-Aachen - Engaged by Turnkey Project Manager as the - Turnkey Engineering Alliance Partners for the Screems Project
Adviser for Screems Finance AG, Zug Switzerland

Paul Gutmann

Adviser for Screems Finance AG, Zug Switzerland
Screems Director of Public Relationships

Eduardo Robinson

Director of Public Relationships

Erwin Ensing

Executive PA Screems Holding BV

Joe Scott

Scotland & Canada Representative

Screems Energy is expanding

New job opportunities in 2019

As the Screems project is now ramping up for full mass production by the end of 2019, together with our Turnkey Project Managers and a host of other professionals, this year we will employee approximately 1,000 new personnel in the EU and in North America. For example, below you can download the posts we wish to fill just in Assen, the Netherlands.


In the North America, Screems Energy, Inc., will be employing personnel starting in the 2nd half half of 2019, and probably between 262 – 289 folks.

In all continents and nations, the Screems Project will be establishing operational enterprises in every location as soon as those nations are committed to installing MAPS TSP Devices to better the climate change AIMs and eliminate wasteful old world Grid technologies.

Screems Energy companies are committed to retraining old industry hands, such as coal miner communities and high voltage networks, to be apart of the Screems energy future, and to ensure we don’t create new rust belt communities. There are millions of new jobs and SME opportunities with the TSP energy technologies, and will be a major net increased employer in the short future, compared to the old industries Screems Energy surely replaces.

Applications to be selected for the Beta Field Test are now closed!

Thank-you and congratulations to the 66,000 Participants who have qualified for the 1 year free-test
of our MAPS TSP Device, given the nuances of covid and variants don’t radically change the supply
chains, we expect to start rolling out these test Devices in the last quarter of 2022.

For the Participants, you will be contacted directly by our Authorised Installation Agents (“AIA”)
starting in October 2022 who will complete a site inspection for the installation of your Beta Field
Test MAPS TSP Device and at that point all required information will be provided with dates set for
the actual installation.

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