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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

How You Can Help Yourself and the Planet

The changes humans bring.

For the last 200 years, we’ve been living times of great changes. Some say that everything started with the Industrial Revolution. But others believe that the human mind has been changing all along. And when it was ripe, it busted out with ideas, genius, innovation.

Science became queen of civilization, and technology rapidly evolved.

With Galileo’s telescope and the sharing of his vision of the Solar System. Newton came along with his own, more performant telescope and the discovery of gravity. So today we know that we are living in small part of a giant cosmos.

Electricity was eventually discovered. Thomas Edison brought the light bulb, the phonograph and the motion picture camera. A.G. Bell invented the telephone. Nikola Tesla discovered that electric current could be transmitted wirelessly. And Einstein splinted the atom, teaching us that everything is relative.

A world of wonders opened up to us. And we are still exploring. Discovering. Innovating.

The reduction of Climate Change.

To develop and sustain this evolution, we’ve been burning fossil fuels. Continuously, for the past 200 years. But we learned that everything is changing around us and because of us.

We discovered that the Earth’s climate is changing. That ice caps and the second greatest glacier on the planet is melting. Ocean currents are in danger of being jammed – threatening life on Earth as we know it. And the fastness of it all, is bewildering.

Measures have been taken. Scientists and ecologists are listened to, now more than ever. And for good reason.

The European Commission developed an Energy Roadmap, in 2011. It sets routes for a more sustainable and secure energy system, by 2050. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are the main lines. Investment is great, but everyone is pushing ahead.

The United Nations met at the 2015 Climate Change Conference, held in Paris. They negotiated the Paris Agreement, which is a global agreement for the reduction of climate change. And it was signed by all the 174 countries, in New York City, on April 22, 2016. This calls for zero greenhouse gas emissions, to be reached by 2050.

Seems like a lot of time, so everyone should rest assured that it will. But actually, it isn’t that much time, as temperatures keep on rising.

The power we manage for ourselves.

There are many renewable energy solutions out there – solar, wind, water. But none of them seems to be enough.

One new and revolutionary solution, brings the power into our own hands. That is bringing renewable energy into our own homes. How? Through a device that not only is completely CO2 emissions free, but also comes with low energy costs.

Environmental responsibility is a must in our times. So each of us could adopt renewable energy. As to really achieve the sustainable and secure energy system. This will power our homes. It will keep us alive. And will sustain our lifestyles, as civilized social beings.