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Dear Climate Change Recovery Plan Participant, Thank You for your Donation! With every fund we receive we are closer to kick-starting our Climate Change Implementation Plan. So be sure to recommend our Cause to like-minded people that can help us push forward.

One of our Team Members will be in touch with you shortly for more details.

Your Donation counts

We seek generous contributions and donations
in our pursuit to fight against Climate Change

Our Deliverable Objectives & Cause:

Eliminate 53% of CO2 emissions by 2027: that’s equal to burning 12,427,700,000 Tons of Coal a year.

Emancipate the >1 in 8 people (1 Billion) from energy poverty by 2027

Beat by 3 years the 12 years IPCC point of no return deadline for climate change -> 8th October 2018 IPCC Report.

Cut the cost of electricity to consumers by 2027, by more than $1 Trillion per year


Screems is doing this, because nobody else can or will!

This is where the money goes

You are supporting one of the biggest proof of products in Human History

1. Support our Beta Field Test; the results will prove our global objectives can be delivered!

We aim at delivering 12,000 MAPSTSP small sized units in households across North America, Great Britain and the European Union.

We will raise the bar many notches, and set a high new standard on renewable generated energy in-house, eliminating the Grid, providing affordability, reliability and sustainability

In return for your participation our contribution to you will be no-charge of electricity for the year, to 21,900 kWh as your primary supply. This equates to $3,000.00 based on the EIA report on average US residential electricity costs today. For this Field Test, you will not be disconnected from the Grid.

After 1 year you choose to keep the device for another 10 years for 8¢ per kWh consumed, or return the Device no charge, your free choice in a years’ time.

At this point we are selecting the Field Test participants. Installation of the Field Test will start in the 2nd half of this year

2. Donate to help us kick-start the 2019 beginning of our implementation plan to deliver our Objectives fully by 2027; whereby our objectives attained will fulfil the timeline targets of the Paris Climate Change Agreement

Our objective is high, but our Purpose is Great.

With your help, we seek generous contributions and donations in our pursuit to fight the good fight against Climate Change and to make a real difference by reducing global emissions by 53% by 2027; 3 years ahead of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (``IPCC``) Report, 8 October 2018, dire warning of just 12 years left, or we face the disastrous point of no return. This is our ``Cause”.

Cut the cost of electricity to consumers by 2027, by more than $1 Trillion per year

By donating you can be part of the few who push through to a new age, who
stop talking about climate change and DO something about it.

Business Plan Explained

1. Total Preparation

Included are; final customer CAD/CAM of MAPS units,
25 X MAPS TSP demonstration Devices, tooling and master
dies for light production series run, Patent estate Applications,
central computing centre for on-line support of Beta (``ß``)
Flied Test units, and ramp-up of needed personnel.

2. Total Swiss BP

Includes the implementation of the Swiss/EU/USA Business
Plan promoting the MAPS TSP Device technology, and
maintaining the Donor relationship interface, both on-line and
with physical scheduled meetings, plus installing the 1st units
in a small hotel guesthouse as an SME demonstration.

3. Total Oversight & Operations

Bain & Company Turnkey Project Management,
prospectus & preparation of the listing on the Guernsey Stock
exchange in April 2019, production leasing (forfait)
procurement, websites, information dissemination, marketing,
media PR, Attorney & professional advice, personnel and
overheads, other placement costs including FOREX
related to the crowdfunding campaigns, engineering oversight,
travel, and all costs normal with supporting this type of program.

Netherlands Headquarters

Screems Holding BV
Zwedenlaan 18, 9403 DE Assen The Netherlands
The Netherlands

Commerce Business Register: RSIN: 857145216
Legal Form: Private Limited Liability Company
(Besloten Vennootschap)
Company Seat: Assen, Gemeente Assen, NL.

Landline: +41 41 740 43 55

USA Headquarters

Screems Energy Inc
324 Black Rock Hills Dr.Henderson, NV 89014

Landline: +1 (505) 459-5081

Direct Contact

Investment opportunities

Media & Press

Be selected for our Beta Field Test!

We need 12,000 Beta Field Testers for a 1 year free-test of our MAPS TSP Devices,
installed in each Tester’s home or SME, whereby, a year’s worth of electricity, equates to
$3,000.00 (the average US kWh charges), is provided in exchange for your
genuine participation in the Field Test program.

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